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Cold Hollow Firewood

Cold Hollow Firewood is the premier kiln dried firewood supplier to the Greater Burlington area and surrounding suburbs.
Kiln Dried Firewood

1 Cord of Kiln Dried Firewood equals Approximately 150-160 gallons of home heating oil or 230-250 gallons of Propane.


All of our wood is hand selected to meet your home or restaurant needs. Delivery and Pickup Available.

Delivery Options

  • Loose firewood: 1/4, 1/2 and full cords. 


Bulk Bag pickup in Milton

  • 1/4  cord Bulk Bags.

  • 1.0 cu ft Bags of Firewood, Pizza Oven or Kindling.


(A 1/4 cord equals approximately 35 bundles of firewood you might purchase at a store.)

pizza oven 3.jfif
Pizza Ovens & Restaurants
Feet by the Fire
Residential Real Estate
Ski Chalet
Commercial Real Estate

Harvested in Vermont to help stop the spread of invasive insects.


Our Kiln Firewood is Vermont state heat treatment certified. We understand how important firewood is when it is the main source for heating your home or cooking for your restaurant business.


Let our premium kiln dried firewood give you peace of mind. 


This eco-friendly method of landscape clearing returns nutrients to the soil with the use of heavy equipment.

The various types of mulching equipment shreds grass, brush, brambles and trees leaving behind mulched vegetation to be reintroduced to the soil.

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