About Cold Hollow Ranch

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Who are we?


       Cold Hollow Firewood is a place nestled under the foothills of the Cold Hollow Mountain range in Northern Vermont.  We harvest and purchase log length hardwood trees from local area loggers, process then dry the firewood in specially designed firewood kilns. We dry the firewood to a low moisture content and heat treat the firewood to state and federal standards to eliminate any insects. By drying the firewood as we do, we produce a quality, easy to light firewood that is consistent in quality, heat treated to help stop the spread of invasive insects and allows our customers to store their firewood inside their stores or homes.

       We harvest and purchase only Vermont hardwood from local area loggers because we believe in supporting the local community and economy. We encourage the use of sustainable forestry practices.




Competitive pricing on all firewood. Delivery available. Call us for details!



We will deliver your firewood in loose bulk form, dumped where you want it.



Fill out our contact form and we will get back to you with a full quote.


Kiln dried firewood is guaranteed to be dry (not seasoned) and is Bug free.​ Kiln dried ensures the firewood contains a lower moister content that will produce more btu’s then firewood that is not dry, so you do not waste energy on evaporating water.​

Why Buy From Cold Hollow Firewood?
Great Prices
Easy Home Delivery
Easy Online Ordering
Kiln Dried

Words From Our Customers!

'This the best firewood I have ever gotten'


'Driest firewood I have ever received'


'This stuff lights easy and a lot less smoke'


'I burn less firewood, because your firewood burns hotter'


'Where is the dirt, I use to getting dirt in my firewood'


'I love this stuff and I will be calling you next year'


'Your cedar puck fire starters will light anything'


'I love your Fatwood fire starters'


'Customer Service you guys go above and beyond'


'My old firewood provider never gave me free anything, except dirt and mud'